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Blue Sky

“Blue Sky” © C. Mortimer 30.9.2010, chorus composed 8.2.92


I never thought that I’d feel this insecure

I never thought that I could go insane

I tried to catch my breath so many times before

I felt my luck run out and my soul was left in pain

And so I look out at the sea and watch the shades

I think of you every single day.


I sit and feel the peace inside my heart

For it is strength you need to heal the many scars

I wander how I’ve come to be this far

Cause from the start things have not been clear to me

And I thought that if I loved, you’d feel the same

But you don’t know or so you say.


CH: I’d love to see some more blue sky

I’d love to see, beyond your blue

I’d love to fly in that blue sky

As once I did before, the blue sky in you.


I argue with your mind and you spring back at me

Its’ a simple matter of who reads the news it seems

You know you’re right and that’s the way it is for now

Do we sleep in peace or do we loop some mindless row?

Am I in a corner, am I by myself somehow?

I think around these simple things.


CH: I’d love to see some more blue sky

I’d love to see, beyond your blue

I’d love to fly in that blue sky

As once I did before, the blue sky in you.


Now I sit upon this cliff and stare out to sea

I feel safe that the ships can handle waves like this

I want simple explanations why the sky seems grey

Not your coldness and your silence with its bitter taste

For this silence and this emptiness casts me away

From your shore I drift, to a better place.


CH: I’d love to see some more blue sky

I’d love to see, beyond your blue

I’d love to fly in that blue sky

As once I did before, the blue sky in you.

Tonight's The Night

"Tonight's The Night" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 24.12.94


Tonight we're sailing on gentle seas

Our ship is played with by a gentle breeze

And all around us is the deep blue sea.

Tonight we're swimming though we're staying dry

Beneath the stars of an evening sky

And all around us, time passes by.


CH: Tonight's the night, xx xxxx xxxx

On a summer's evening

When the skies were full of hope

And the hearts of the stars were beating

Tonight's the night xx xxxx xxxx

Then it rained and rained at midnight

As the evening faded.


Tonight we're sailing high across the sky

My name is Breeze and I am from high

I have control I'm guided by the seas

Immortalized by the xxxx we made

Gazed upon by those who waded close to shoe

Where the sea is safe.



The Child Must Sleep

"The Child Must Sleep" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 1998


Don't cry, my little boy

Smile for a while ‘cause life is too short

 Ad its' been this way for you with comfort and pain that's strong.


Don't worry child, I'll always be here

Guiding you always have no fear

And mother is calling its' time to be free for you


CH: She said: "The child must sleep,

The child must sleep, let the child that we both love sleep".


Don't laugh, when someone is suffering

Don't be too calm don't be too carefree

Don't hesitate and do what you have to my love.


CH: and the child must sleep, the child must sleep

And the child must sleep, little darling

Let the child that we both love sleep.


And let him grow strong but as he makes mistakes

Give him another cha nce that will make him better

That will make him better.


CH: But now the child must sleep, forget the pain that's in his teeth

And let him sleep without noise

‘cause he's my little boy

Now we all need some sleep.

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"Wintertime" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © July 1995


In wintertime I became warm with the love we shared today

Though the climate's unkind and my sleeves weight me down

As I look at the snow my mind springs to life.

Wasn't it here in this very room that we spent our very first night

The logs in the fire, the song I was writing

You read all my verse you questioned my lines.


I became lost in the memories I have

of both of us when we first met.

But one thing's for sure, it was cold it was dawn,

And the wind gently whistled, there was dew on the lawn.


CH; In wintertime, wintertime, marvelous wintertime

Love reaches out and touches us all.

In the wintertime, wintertime, marvelous wintertime

Love sends a flame and cold hearts are warmed

By the love we shared indoors.


And loving in winter is not blessed by the sun every day

As you life is confined to the comforts of shelter

Music and literature, long fields of white.

Winter is when you both huddle together,

As patches of warmth slowly die

Lit up by the moon is her face in its' beauty

Love in her eyes on the coldest of nights.


I became lost.....



The Games We Played

"The Games We Played" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © Feb 1991


About you, I've nothing much to say

For you, I gave my heart away

Each day I thought you'd think of me

Though you, you never once did call me

But you can change your mind, its' not quite the same

You and I change, everybody changes

Just say to yourself, now keep your distance baby.


I tried, to do the best I could

Yes I tried, but you misunderstood,

What I meant, you couldn't simply see

I loved you, to you it wasn't real.

But I tried and I tried, to make things back the way they were,

My life just seems so mundane,

I'm tired, of playing the same old game.


Too hot for me were the games we played, playing with each others' lives.


We tried, we tried the best we could

Back then it seemed the times were good

We played with each other like little children

Though we were young we were not little children.

But we seemed to not grow tired, it was fun and that was plain

And we destroyed each others' heart,

Ending up cold and having part time lovers.


"Fallen" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 7.12.99


Tell me baby where have you gone?

For I was angry, and I was wrong,

To doubt the way you looked into my eyes

When you were being true, and being totally wise.

Well my eyes don't see too clear these days, I tell you and that's no lie

‘cause I miss you babe, I want you by my side,

And I miss you babe, I want you in my life.


Tell me baby, can I win your heart?

So many things make you smile, where could I start?

We've sat and watch the world go by,

With people trapped in their own lives.

We've whispered thoughts and softly spoken, words of love but times do change

Now I miss you babe, I want you by my side

Yah I miss you babe, I want you in my life.


CH: ‘cause I've fallen from the love I've known

Fallen from beside you, down low

Fallen from the sky, with my life before my eyes

Fallen from the trees, lying helplessly

Feeling like debris

Floating out to sea

And missing you so bad

And the love that we once had.


Tell me baby, did I go wrong?

When you left me back then, I had to be strong

You said your whirlwind cool goodbye

As I gazed into your eyes

But my world goes round and round and round

One day up and one day down

And I miss you babe, I know you still love me.


"Crazy" music and lyrics C. Mortimer ©17.7.2000


Girl meets boy, they fall in love and life becomes so fine

As evening falls across the sky, he looks into her eyes.

Without a shadow of a doubt, she's feeling quite secure

His hand becomes your lifeline then you're feeling alright.


They cruise the Nile they fly the skies

They hold each other tight,

For this is what life's all about

It's a part of their plan.


CH: and he's crazy about you, crazy about the girl who loves him

Every day and night, through the rough and tumble

Even after your first fight, for he is crazy they say, crazy about you.


Time goes by a child arrives, a boy with deep blue eyes

You tell him things your mother told you

Some fact and some white lies.

He laughs at things and this will bring

A smile to your face,

"That boy will find his feet one day,

And things will fall into place".




And mother ages gracefully, the years have been so kind

She seems content and most at peace, writing by the fire

Her son breathes life into her heart, with every thought

She's confident that one day, his golden child will be born.



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