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Mojo's L8 Nite Pizza Parlor

When You're In Love With Her

"When You're In Love" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 26.12.97


Feel her body rise, listen to her heart

Give her everything beyond all reason

Smell her new perfume, taste her cherry lips

Look at her for she's one special woman

Who's in love with you

How could that be true,

When you're in love with her?


Feel her gentle touch, always hear her voice

Stay beside her now ‘cause you're her man

Help her when she's down, defend her all the time

Understanding why she drives a hard line

As thought becomes her food

Yet she comes back to you.


CH. When you're in love with her

Sometimes it's bittersweet

When you're in love with her

You seem in control of how you feel

More than you have ever felt before

When you're in love with her (rpt).


Talk about the moon, talk about the stars

Talk about anything that comes to mind

Love is like a bight light, it can keep you warm

But staring at it may leave you blind

So love her all the time

Never will you find,

A love like this.



The Silence In Me

"The Silence In Me" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 31.12.01


Like a bird in the sky, like I'm sleeping alive

Its' the way that I feel the silence in me

When I lie down and pray for help each day

When there are tears in my eyes, when things just aren't going right

I take myself away and I lie awake

And the one thing I feel is the silence in me.


Like a child fast asleep, a feather in the breeze

Its' the way that I feel the silence in me

When I sail on the ocean on the waves I am rolling

I feel the wind in my hair, feel I don't have a care

My mind drifts away but I'm still wide awake

And the one thing I feel is the silence in me.


When I look at the skies, and I wander why

All I see is emptiness and a sea of unrest

But on the surface there's blue.


Like a bird in the sky, I understand why

You are the Price of Peace, the silence in me

When I lie down and pray for help each day

When there are tears in my eyes, when things just aren't going right

I take myself away, and I lie awake

And the one thing I feel is the silence in me.


So don't expect a hollow conversation,

Let me enjoy being by your side

Let me speak to in the songs I write

And you can read between the lines


For the one thing I need is the silence in me,

The silence in me, the silence in me. 

Mojo's L8 Nite Pizza Parlor

"Mojo's L8 Nite Pizza Parlor" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 30.1.02


Its'a steamy little place in the poor part of town

Aroma fills the air when the sun goes down

Its' a smooth guy's show from the Amalphi Coast

The painting all lean and the air con is broken.


He doesn't take your cards cheques or anything else

For this is his island, the fortress of his wealth

Connie the blonde will take you to your seat

You look up at her but she pretends not to see.


Well it's late night heaven and the jazz band plays

At Mojo's every single Saturday

They finish their set minus thankful applause

And look out for Franco who stepped out the side door


He comes out of his office and he shakes their hands

For they could be a string group or a rock and roll band

He thanks one Peter whose name is Stephen

 And thanks them all for playing at Mojo's pizzas.


CH: Well its' a party at the late night pizza parlor

Like a racket or a jamboree or a barbitsfar

You hear the smashing of the bottles in the back lane way

Queuing for the john you feel a rising of your scale

At Mojo's late nite pizza parlor

Connie complains she just can't work any harder

Its' where all of your senses can be stimulated

And folks pass through never complaining.


Well Franco's aloof no-one knows him well

He could be a Frenchman from Lambesc or Brussels

Straight black hair and a face with no lines

A volcanic temper lies behind his smile


Six men in suits step from a white limousine

Straight into his office quick and barely seen

Brief cases open and cash is free

Hesitant hand shakes over cups of iced tea.......CH


And the noise is strong and there are parties of friends, sitting in courtyard up against the fence

A kid in a V8 burns out up the street, the groomsman nearly chokes as he leaps to his feet

At Mojo's you're dining on peaceful soil, everything is freshly cooked in olive oil

And you can stay here ‘cause its' licenced till 3am.

Face Of The Moon

"Face of the Moon" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 1994


T'was an evening star that caught my eye, in a wash of blue on a winter's moon

And the light of high, were the heavens gazing down so far and distant.

And the face of the moon was restless, but in time it became a smile,

And the wind kept cutting straight through me, there were blades within that breeze.


T'was an angel's gaze that caught my eye, as mind flew amongst the stars

She had eyes of green, two diamond pools and a face so calm and gentle.

And the face of the moon was restless, but in time it became a smile,

An angel and mortal perplexed, both were afraid to speak.


CH: The face of the moon was restless, as it gazed upon the stars

But they all looked bleak with worry, had the moon gone too far?

The face of the moon was restless: "can't mortal stars behave

Do they want our attention, or have these angels gone insane?"


In a flash of light in a blaze of blue these stars collided into one from two

And the love they made and the games they played, made them children of the sky and fate was to see them one, as bright as sun but the other stars weren't quite so young

They were old and closed and down and out, "these mortal stars shouldn't play about".

And the face of the moon was restless but in time it became a smile,

A star was born one winter's eve, for all the eyes to see.




Dancing With You

"Dancing With You" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 6.1.02 (lyrics), music 2001


Standing at the crossroads at the street where the lost go home

Walking around thinking that love was a four letter word without hope

And since you've been gone no wind has cooled me like before

The last whirlwind of my life was a storm that tore me up.


I keep my head above my shoulder as I walk down the road,

I was a child in another life whose mama used to come and go

With different kinds of strangers who would talk in different tones

Different innuendo, shades of esoteric lingo.


I step off the sidewalk having desolate and blue thoughts

When a woman in a red Cadillac comes screaming to a halt

She wears a pair of black Ray Ban's on a funny little nose - "Lilac Rose"

A cool look masks the shock of seeing someone she used to know.


CH: I'm dancing with you, I'm dancing with you

Spanish words Flamenco rhythms with us till the morning

Time going slowly all around the world children being born.

I'm dancing with you, I'm dancing with you

Words cannot describe the happiness that's in your eyes

When we're dancing on the patio under the starlit sky.


Tortured thoughts surround me as I pass through Central Park

Where broken hearts in 3D glasses read placebos in the dark

A man asked me for loose change I told him to take a walk

But I was running from the same memories and recurring thoughts.


I recall the scent of the new fine fragrance that I gave you

I recall the way that you kissed me in the way the French always do

I opened up the door to my tangerine Talbot when we left

For the riverside café when the moon goes down the band plays best





But without you I'm lost and I'm searching for myself these days

You are just a memory who was a part of my better life yesterday

And the ripples in my life can't be smoothed by doves sailing over seas

I write myself a letter saying it was all just fantasy.  

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This Is Life

"This Is Life" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 10.11.00


I felt your tide push me, twist and pull me in

Fighting desperately for life, being tired I could barely swim

And the clearest summers day, seemed a world or two away,

And the salt burned both of my eyes, the surface then became my sky.


I know that you're mine, you love me and I love you

But I am proud and strong, I don't play contrite games and lose

And you reward my love for you, you laugh away my tears and blues

Taking me to a distant place, where birdsong fills the empty space.


CH: And how does it feel to fly across a river at night?

How does it feel when the air you breathe, makes you high under moonlight skies?

How does it feel to fly across the world in just one night?

You feel alive, and you'll never die

Deep in your eyes you know, that this is life.


Your love kept me confused, a smooth sail was a distant dream

And loving you could be anything, from a cool breeze to a violent sea.

And if I fell into your world, I'd lose control and be alone,

Empty as driftwood that floats, anywhere the west wind blows.




M8: She says: "you're the one who makes me feel so alive you know".

She then looks le in the eyes and says with perfect control:

"The greatest happiness that you gave me baby was when you saved my soul,

And waking without you baby would mean being all alone".




"Tangerine" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 18.3.02


So ahead of her time, like the morning sun she would rise

Sent her maker to an early grave, notes lost on an empty stave.

See her on a summer's night, see her cruising in full flight

Sends your heart racing every time, for things will rarely seem so right.


Test your skill and your prowess, flying with your treasured swift goddess

Let he take you to another world, for this just isn't any girl

‘cause she can take you through the fields, giving you imposed reality

And though the land she moves sweetly, like a tango of two souls on an empty street.


CH: And underneath it all she is tangerine, like a tropical manderine

The world is bland without girls like this, strange at first and hard to kiss.

I knew she had to be tangerine, lapel corsage for all to see,

Treat her well and treat her fine, and she'll stay with you, until the end of time.


She brings perfection into your mind, stepping forth every green light

Some might say a shogun who would scare, a layman with a violent stare.

A tour de force the triumph then, the artist's dream that lost him at the bend

For she was born a brilliant bird, prodigious still in the modern world.




M8: She embraces you like no one can, a certain warmth not made by man

She floats and flies like a wild dove, guided by two hands of love.

For she's no trailer in a parking lot, a cheap pretender she is not,

For she is years ahead of her time, subtle words that lie behind a neon sign.




"Love" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 1995


In love, you'll see what your eyes want to see

In love, it's you she needs, the one for whom she dreams of.

To be in love is to be on a journey,

It's neither rational nor loaded with wisdom,

To be in love you'll never take her too lightly

‘cause when the candle dies the warmth that you're feeling

Will fade with time, and slowly die.


In love, do you think with your heart of your mind?

In love, do you give yourself or do you meet her in between?

To be in love is a time and a segment

Of one's life which builds up layer by layer,

To be in love because she gives you her body,

I so blasé that when you wake from the state you're in

Love will live or love will die.


CH: Can't you feel her tenderness, Can't you feel the love she gives?

Don't you feel the way she feels, when you're alone?

Don't you want her always there, don't you see you show no care?

So feel her love it's like no other feeling.

But love rocked your floor, love burned your door

Love won't be yours until your defences are no more, then you may love.


In love, it could always be a moment in time,

In love, the world is safe and the grass is always green

To be in love you'll stumble and you'll falter

And that moment in time turns into torment

To be in love is to stand up and walk on,

‘cause when you're lying in your own bed of despair

Your love is contained and never shared.



Don't Let Anybody Steal Your Heart

"Don't Let Anybody Steal Your Heart" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 7.2.99


I never saw you looking so nice,

And when I saw your face you really shined

I walked away and pushed aside

Others who would share our soft moonlight

On a night like tonight


In the headlights' beam we danced,

To a distant bossa nova that by chance

Had emerge from the repertoire

The band played a song that you loved

And sung it from the heart


CH: Tonight, you're mine don't let anybody steal your heart away from me

On the dance floor tonight

Or when we leave at sunrise

Don't let anybody steal your heart away from me tonight

Or any other night, until the end of time


All the time I hoped you would be mine

We danced to the music in our own time

Mesmerized by your sweet perfume

A mystic scent of love that you used

Fresh and brand new



Daddy and God

"Daddy and God" lyrics and music © 4.10.98 C. Mortimer


Daddy was born, a soldier's first son

In a boom time for babies,

In a small country town

Mother was warm, kind and forgiving

Holding her baby a star among women

Hiding the fear that daddy may break

Many a whiskey couldn't heal the pain.


A good man at heart and here for one reason

Teaching his boy how to become a leader

"I said polish your shoes, straighten your tie,

Pull back your shoulders, hold you're head up high"

I listened and learnt, ‘cause I feared his hand

Daddy and God, will they make me a man.


Mother ad father what was their plan?

Will they stay here forever, will they live off the land?

Farmers are struggling these days I'm told,

Prices are falling, men's spirits are sold

But they keep on praying for a harvest of gold

It's God's way of saying, maybe its' time to go.


And soldiers will fight, through the tears and the blood

Strength will at times overshadow his love for his wife and his son.


Daddy passed on it was the 18th of May,

Twelve or so years after Armistice Day,

His casket was plain but the flowers were bright,

Mother stood still but there were tears in her eyes,

Her soldier had fallen in a madman's ward

Just as their love was being reborn

Daddy and God together once more,

Now that he's gone, my spirit can soar.


"Angel" (Shine Forever More) lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 11.06


Angel please don't worry, there's lies and there is truth,

I've told you many stories but I would not lie to you

I could be falling from the clearest sky, blazing in the sun

Needing you to rescue me,

then you turn and run when you're my angel,

Angel, when you're my angel.


Angel look above you, see the eternal light,

Your soul is painted silver, shining through the night

But I can't step inside your world, for its' beautiful and fine,

A world of love where sweet incense,

will get you flying high just like an angel,

Angel, oh you're my angel.


CH: Shine until tomorrow, then shine forever more,

Shine in golden beauty, and never let your brightness fade.

And shine forever more, shine forever more.


Angel don't you love me? I've placed my trust in you

Many men have loved you, and you have loved them too

I'm not the shadow on your mountain, I'll never block your light,

You're beautiful and radiant,

a songbird in its' flight

whose song is ageless,

Angel, you are my angel.



Cigarettes & Coffee

"Cigarettes and Coffee" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 13.12.01


It was a late late night and the jukebox played

Some rock and roll music and some rhythm and blues

Well Ronnie and I played a slow game of pool

He was out of work and I was losing it too.


Well every single time I looked into the mirror,

What I saw looking back kept on scaring me more

A man who was lost who could never be found

In a house with a picket fence on the good side of town.


I sat down at the table with those I knew,

Men with rolled up sleeves a hundred tattoos

They work around the clock to get the night off and today

Away from those mines in the darkness each day


I looked at my hands they were cracked and abused

I hit a drunken bastard who was sitting on my car

The simple pleasures are those that make me feel free

Cigarettes and coffee, in a place far from here.


It was a late late night and the girl at the bar

Well she was new and young, and didn't know anyone

She smiled at me and gave me a bourbon for free

The world hadn't let her down like it had with me.


Her name was Virginia she was learning how to teach

Working for the cash to put herself through school

Well Ronnie called me back to finish off our game

I said it was late and my head was starting to ache.


I stumbled on home and put the tv on

A B grade movie Elvis tried to forget

I sat down and threw my feet across the seat

Cigarettes and coffee, my souls will soon be free.


I turned out the lights and fell off to sleep

I dreamt I was rich and hitched to someone sweet

My pockets are empty but my souls is filled

I been so many places and messed with so many fools

My mind is a maze of such complication

I'm angry and spaced out, cold and impatient

The only things that bring out the best in me

Are cigarettes and coffee, my sole remedy. 

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