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Beautiful Night

Star Of The Sea

"Star Of The Sea" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 1.9.96


The sea is so much like my lover's temperament,

She'll be my storm she'll be my pleasant evening breeze.

Should I sink deep into her?

Should I float or should I leave?

Star of the sea, shine on me, in my hour of need.


The sea bewilders me, it never stays the same

Our minds collided then the sun gave way for rain.

Should I live in a state of stress,

Do I walk out when she's in pain?

Star of the sea, you'll always be, there for me.


And love is beyond uncertainty, in love there is peace,

And I can't live with the ocean's wilder tendencies.


Star of the sea you hear my prayers you know my feelings,

Please rescue me when I abandon you and drift at sea.


And now I've closed my door, I'm feeling safe and warm

I see her through my windows brewing up a storm.

I feel I'm a thousand miles away, my heart is young my skin is worn,

Star of the sea, you've given me wisdom and peace.


Star of the sea you're always burning soft and bright,

Star of the sea you give me hope each day and night.

Love Go Away (Belfast 1983)

"Love Go Away (Belfast 1983)" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 1993


CH: Love go away, don't lead me inside your door,

Love go away, I can't come around to play with you no more

Love go away.


Well you came inside my cloisters, when I was silent and I was weak,

My world was grey my handlers gone, my friends were called: "The Peelers".

The thorn in my side's been aching, for some wounds never heal,

My mind's a melting pot of shame, I don't quite know how I feel.


The sun came up one summer's day, made Belfast seem a postcard

For she was cool and her pulse beat on, but wars raged within her gardens.

I met you at the Carlow Fair, you were beautiful and smart,

But your world a pandoras box of sadness, for I am just another dupe in a mask.




You said your name was Phillipa, If I like I could call you: "Pip",

You said you had a tattoo on you somewhere and your friends thought you were hip.

You listened to the radio and you knew everything about the politics,

Of one small town and it's burgeoning crowd, led by the devil's advocate.


You lived in fear of the hooded men, that broke once into your house,

They nearly killed your daddy one night for they beat him, and they punched him down.

For my family are vagabonds, they are mercenaries and fools

We are sacrosanct yet on the run, and I would never want to hurt you.



Heal The Pain

"Heal The Pain" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 28.3.92


If you're down, I can heal the pain

‘cause if you are down, I can feel your pain

If a child's in trouble, remember he's your brother

You may never see him again, but you'd want the same if you were in trouble

Well if you can't love you can take a dollar from your pocket

In a wishing well drop it

And if you are down, wish that love will come around.


If I'm down, you can heal my pain

I know when you are down, you can feel my pain

It makes you feel better when someone else, can share your telephone line

Sit with you for hours and forget the blues, knowing it will work out fine.

Well if you can't love take a hammer and a socket

To you're saber and drop it

If you are down, nail it all to the ground.


Heal the pain, heal the pain

Everybody heal the pain

Heal the pain, heal the pain, everybody heal the pain.


If anybody's down, you can heal their pain

You know when they're down, you can help relieve their pain

Spend some time with them and put their plight to one side

The world will never turn alone, you've gotta have faith in their will of life

Well I know I can love, and it's never much trouble sharing some love

In their sadness, your love could bring them happiness.


Heal the pain, heal the pain

Everybody heal the pain

Heal the pain, heal the pain, everybody heal the pain.

Far Away

"Far Away" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 1997


I never knew her name but I saw her face, on the TV screen one Sunday evening

She seemed to be so cold, 59 years old?

Her face as hard as stone,

despair all through out all her bones.

Her mind in a trance, since the day that she ran far away from home, all by her own

She thinks back in time, when all seemed fine,

She'd give up all that she owns to go back to her home.


She follows and old man, he could be anyone, does he know her name or what is 1 + 1?

Wears a Parisian cap, he doesn't have much hair

The lines on his face all seem to go nowhere.

He wasn't worth a shot, like one that killed his son,

he'd only take up space in a pool of mud

Where young men lie, born with "dirty" blood

He lost both his sons, now he's the only one.


A European chill ca take your breath away, dryness in the air, cold sores that stay

People march like sheep, when I am asleep, where it's safe and warm, I'll never be no pawn.


CH: You can't let yourself go, far far away, oh no no no,

You can't get away to where the seeds are sewn,

Where children grow, they have families, at least not when they're old

They go far, far, far away rpt.


"Candy" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 19.12.01


My mama won't even buy me a piece of candy,

My mama won't even buy me a piece of candy

She says the other kids who go on down to the store

Have got it too easy, for me she wants more

My mama won't even buy me a piece of candy.


My mama she's crazy about the way I wear my shirt

My mama she's crazy about the way I wear my shirt

She'll do the top button before I walk through the door

Pressing both the pockets till she can press no more

My mama she's crazy about the way I wear my shirt.


My daddy he leaves home each morning at a quarter to four

My daddy he leaves home each morning at a quarter to four

Working at the railroad waiting for the day

That the foreman or the engineer will get taken away

Longing for promotion, till he can't long no more.


My mama won't even buy me a piece of candy,

My mama won't even buy me a piece of candy

She says that we're living above the poverty line

And that there's no need to worry ‘cause things will work out fine

My mama won't even buy me a piece of candy.


My sister don't go to school she's too uncommitted

My sister don't go to school, she's too uncommitted

She hates mathematics but her mind is a science

A study of abstract air behind those eyes

My sister don't do to school, she's too uncommitted.


My mama won't even buy me a piece of candy,

My mama won't even buy me a piece of candy

She says the other kids who go on down to the store

Have got it too easy, for me she wants more

My mama won't even buy me a piece of candy.


My mama says candy's bad, it makes you feel mean

My mama says candy's bad it makes you feel mean

You don't want to share it ‘cause there's never enough

Gets you in trouble with all the kids from your class,

My mama says candy's bad, it makes you feel mean.

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Mr Solitary Man

"Mr. Solitary Man" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 6.11.01


Hey now Mr. Solitary man, why not come into town for a while?

For its' a fine day and the sun is out climb out of the shadows of your broken tree house

I saw you walking off just the other day, a nebulous look upon your face

I see the sadness in your eyes, an estranged man with no family ties.


Hey now Mr. Solitary man, wash away your blues tonight

We'll play The Bristol Arms where the sound is fat

Emancipate your soul with an impulsive act

I know you sing and play the guitar, for $25 and a cheap cigar

I knew at one stage you were down and out, cutting up coupons in a northern town.


CH: "So never look a gifthorse in the mouth

Don't sit on the lap of a circus clown

Watr the plants when the sun goes down..."

Your mother had you taped and to an amoir bound.


So hey now Mr. Solitary man, bring your guitar tonight to the jam

We'll do Johnny B. Goode in a key you like,

A six fingered man with a toothless smile.


Look at me Mr. Solitary man, I know one day soon you'll meet a beautiful girl

For she may love all of your sacred tunes, 78 records

Rock'n'roll and the blues

You'll see her fresh and enquiring face, the blinkers you wear make you look away

And our eyes catch hold of a butterfly, under your saddle it shelters and hides.




So hey now Mr. Solitary man, look on the bright side of life somehow

For there's a tail wind that can take you high

Solitary man with an unsolitary old life.


I Didn't Want To Hurt You

"I Didn't Want To Hurt You" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 1989


We can't go on, living like we do

Watching all our dreams, wafting in our steam.

The artist paints her picture, but I write what's on my mind

And I sometimes feel her brushstrokes, are clashing with my lines.


CH: And I didn't want to hurt you, everytime I closed my door

The anger in me burns for you, it's an anger worth fighting for.


We can't go on, loving like we do

We're too close for comfort, and space would help sometimes.

I sometimes need a passionate world, that's when I close my door

And a sometimes vile or romantic line, may flow from me but then may pour.




I watch you paint your picture, but do you paint with your heart of mind?

We're losing our personalities, and heading south from the height of love,

We're heading south from the height of love.

Guardian Angel

"Guardian Angel" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 6.7.99


It's been nearly three years now since you sailed from my shore,

And where did you go- past the skyline for good

Where living abounds and no sickness holds sway

Where the weather is warm and love's united again.


Well I've grown more and more and there are lines on my face

And the memories of you get me through each day.

You're where good souls live, they'll take their hats off to you

Your body was old, but your spirit is new.


CH: I know you look down, you keep my feet on the ground

How could things go wrong, when your spirit's around?

And guardian angel keep a watchful eye,

I could go either way on life's wonderful ride,

And guardian angel you're the bright star that shines,

And under your wings, I'll have a beautiful life.


Well I look at the pictures and I think of you,

For they catch each moment except one or two

For the one thing that shines is your strong love for life,

The spirit in time now rests within your eyes.



Diamonds and Silver Spoons

"Diamonds and Silver Spoons" © C. Mortimer 2000


Eighteen, strength of a war machine

A child blessed, with love from a fine home.

He said: "I must go and fight for my homeland".

His mind was made, his mother tried to persuade him to stay.


Nineteen, the pride of his family

He'd write of the world, from an innocent point of view

Letters of lost cause, tales of the dark side of man

Stars in his eyes, had long gone into cold empty space.


Twenty, he stepped into manhood here

At a time when the world, was twisted and no better off,

He was a strong man with a heart made of Liverpool steel,

He felt no pain, when they caned him and spat in his face.


Today, a man slightly crazy

His brother died, killed by a stray shell.

"He was from good ilk, brave and a good friend too",

The colonel gave praise, and gave his mother a framed silver spoon.


"I do believe in love, I feel the pain,

I see the wind sweep the dandelions across the plain,

I twist and turn at night, don't feel safe for long,

As a cold hard front descends, where the landscapes and rivers had crossed".


Good men were lost, but their spirits remain,

When the roses in the yard tears of pity had stained,

Lest we all forget, our sisters and brothers,

Mothers fathers friends and lovers, who had risen in the stars, diamonds in the sky.


I believe in love, I believe in Jesus,

I believe in sweetness of new life, ameliorative spirit,

I don't believe in madness, or single macho dictum,

I don't believe in cool cloaks masking the pain of mutant jetsam children


I do believe that one day soon, the band will play a happy tune,

Orchestrated angels, will gleam like diamonds

Shining through the sky,

And you'll throw away your silver spoons,

Their souls will shine like diamonds,

Looking down on you.


Beautiful Night

"Beautiful Night" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 28.7.01


I didn't know you for long, seemed like a minute of two,

You changed my life and helped mankind with his science,

By flying through space to the moon.

Your face was kind and happy, for you'd done nothing wrong

For your brotherhood life was simple it was fine,

But your fate unique, strange and prolonged.


Their sweet rewards were given to you, when you moved the way you had to

But when you were wrong the only thing they would do

Was to send a bolt of electricity straight through you.

Harnessed in they masked you up, three men who were looking so strange,

They didn't want to know you for their chief concern was with your body

And the pain it could take.


Its' a beautiful night, drifting through space, your beautiful eyes seem so out of place.


Houston had it's moral reasons, for nearly making your heart explode

A slight mistake too much speed on the decline

The craft no built to withstand rolls or throws.

Meanwhile you stared out the window, the stars a picture in your eyes,

The only sounds you heard were engines blasting you forth to your course,

At the speed of light.


Fastened tight you bravely smiled, but there were tears in your eyes

Champagne flowing at the triumph man could now fly beyond the skies,

Into the heavens in '69.

They say you came back down safely, strength of the brotherhood praised all around,

His name in every paper all around the world,

A hero whose soul had deeply burnt out.


(It's a) Beautiful Night, Beautiful day

Your beautiful eyes, have so much to say

It's a beautiful night, light years from The Cape,

As you fly through the skies, for the whole human race.


As the pressure builds around you think of no one,

The world is cruel below and there is no love

Your life can be replaced without problems and fuss

Your brothers can be called on when you've had enough.


(It's a) Beautiful night, beautiful day, your courage is not forgotten these days

Beautiful eyes, beautiful face, a beautiful smile from an innocent ape

Beautiful life, till '83, a soul that will live on eternally.

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