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Tread The Bridge With Care

"Tread The Bridge With Care" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 1994


Even though she says she loves you

And when you're not there she thinks about you

Or if you love a man and no-one understands

If he really cared would he lie to you?


In sickness or in health you've got to be strong

The love you give is sweet don't let it fall asleep

Or if your partner finds another lover

You find yourself adrift in what's a changing sea


And if you're tempted by desire

You may be a pawn taken by a seed of lies

Played by the one who loved you

Tread the bridge with care, and pray it stays

Tread the bridge with care and pray it stays


Even if its' too late to hear these words I say

There's no punishment only pain

Your world was here today and gone tomorrow

Thank God your wings are strong and you will fly away.




A rogue wind that dragged you in is called desire

You push and pulled but you understand it s a force you cannot fight

You look inside the pools of sadness sleeping between your eyes

You won't see her again because like a ghost she is gone tonight

Strangers In The Garden

"Strangers In The Garden" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 1992


Uninvited guests we were, but we thought that we belonged

On the soil that we stood upon, that's seen so much right and wrong

Many year have been and gone, faces like the light the shone

Took the life away from this sweet land, and left if looking old and bland

And in the giant garden stands a tree living in solitude

Its' lived through generations now it old and can't bear no fruit

And by its' side an empty can needles hiding in the garden

Another sign that mans a live, destroying his very harvest


Further in and higher up I'm sitting on this mountain here

Down below the sea is fierce, the fisherman are hunting for

They need to feed their families, so they cast their net for miles

And the fish get tangled they can't move

All of this on the peaceful sea

A storm is heading straight their way but they choose to stay on

Running from a hurricane isn't what fishermen are made from

A witness carves in deeper lines, they panic and send out a wire

Somehow the sea subsides, a calm lake returns tonight.


CH: Why can't we set the living free

Why is the world a killing field?

It doesn't seem legitimate for both of us to share this garden

Because we brought with us the storm that tried and convicted natures' laws

And we just fought and fought and fought until we won


The sky is gone the sun won't shine it rains here each day and night

There's no color shades of grey are painted on the skyline

A mirror ball show me my face, my features look so out of place

Lines in my palm unwind, taking me to empty space

Our Arguement

"Our Argument" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 2006


We go round and round and round in circles

Watching the sea as the world goes around

We laugh at the children as they chase one another

We look at the lights of town

We talk about things and talk about people

Criticize those who dn't know us or see us

We walk along the beach leaving footsteps in the sand

I feel a chill as I hod you hand


CH: When I talk to you, all I see is blue

When I know the suns' gone down on our argument

I try to talk to you,

you said I was a fool

Now I know the suns' gone down and our argument

Will last the evening through, before I talk to you


Well looks can deceive where there's rain there can be drought

I talk about the things that just don't interest you

You keep on saying: "would you mind repeating

The last thing you said because I didn't hear you"

When you love someone there won't be any doubt

The grass stays green and there's warmth all around

When you stop talking it's like you're beating me

And only you and I know, and the walls in this house




Your eyes are locked on my lips when I'm talking

You agree with every word I say

You screen all my calls like I'm stalking you baby

You've gone out with all your friends today

Your mother and your father met be accident

They talk and always had a lot to say

My heart has been hurting for what seems and age

‘cause I know our hearts wont' feel the same



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The Snow

‘The Snow" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 1993


So cold one day, other days

I can't stand the glare

My day could be warmer now, if you could be here.

Well I sometimes feel lost, walking through the snow (rpt).


So pretty some days, other days

You're a bitter taste I fear

You have control of the sunshine, like I've never seen.

Well I sometimes feel cold walking through the snow,

Forever lost baby like walking through the snow.


Instrumental interlude


And if I'd been found by you, would that make you warm?

The rain's stopped and the sun is here, but I still fear a storm.

Well could I grow old walking through the snow?

Forever lost baby, and living in the snow.

Should I feel cold, walking through the snow?

The winter can go away, ‘cause I can't stand the snow, oh the snow.

Rolling Stone

"Rolling Stone" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 1994


Rolling stone where have you been

I've been to the top of the mountain I've seen the queen

Though you tumble its' all worthwhile

And the twisted and the jagged shape you're in

Makes you path rugged and entwined

Rolling stone where are your feet

The waves have made you lose control

Your eyes no longer see

Though you tumble its' all worthwhile

You're free to take your tumbles

Anytime you feel is wise


Round and round they fall down

Unable to escape they hi the ground

And all the rolling stones fall down

They're never seen they're never found


CH: They would never hold you, ‘cause they would tumble down


Rolling stone are you worthwhile?

I thought you were my father

But then you never had the time

Though you tumble its' all worthwhile

When you find your feet just let me know my need for you may have passed with time

Rolling stone where have you been?

I've been to the top of the mountain I've seen the queen

And I'll call for you in time,

The queen needs my attention

I'll be a king in a short while


"Gracefully" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 10.6.03


It seems that time has been so kind, and you are still just so beautiful

I know that I took my own sweet time, to tell the world that I love you

For the seasons come and go the heat will die,

As the sun goes down turns day into night

My heart stays warm I begin to sigh

For life is wonderful with you here by my side.


For you know many things as you were born some years ahead of me

You knew your heart was not complete, you sailed through storms

Whirlwinds and troubled seas

You paste a picture in your book of a little girl

Who was playing with a child in a yellow skirt

Your daddy smiled, he said to count to 3

And took a picture of you sitting on your mama's knee.


CH: I look into your eyes, everytime you smile

You look back and see me laughing too

For you give me what I need you give me everything

And help me find a better place

I see your face in some old photograph

Something looks the same and you play so cheerfully

For I'm in love with a woman now

Once the little girl who grew up gracefully.


You read me some lines form a book you'd find

Upon a shelf in a store near the station that caught your eyes

You ask me the time, for its' half past nine

Time to rest your head and dream of distant fires

They burn within you, they're you're heart and your soul

For a voice within tells you the places to go

You fly away every day and night

For life is wonderful with you here lying by my side.



Get Funky

"Get Funky" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 1993


I wanna get funky, baby tonight

I wanna get funky I wanna get high

I wanna funk with you until the morning light

Want you to come and wooo me.


"Christopher baby you're the sweetest child, you're the sought of man that makes my

Life worthwhile", she said.

I didn't know better but I was in love, I needed her to cling to otherwise I'd stave

I was addicted then to her mental drug, like a hypochondriac addicted to xxxx

She bites my body as I xxx xx xxxx, and scratches my back and tells me

I'm the one she loves (x2).




A platonic and mysterious girl, we're two artists living in a fairy world

I'd hardly say I'm the innocent first, so another romance means another birth.

Well I'm a jealous man with my demon shads of colour

Well beneath these robes I wear.

I'm laying my tracks with my tarot cards, but when you came I hit a hairpin honey

Lost my grip and xxxx into you.



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