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Piano Sessions 1

You've Gotta Have Satin

"You've Gotta Have Satin" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 25.7.91


Her claim to fame is twenty brandy alexander's swallowed straight with no ice,

It's said this was the cause of her expensive divorce.

She takes the Pontiac with the hood down, to the 7-11 and somehow

She exceeds the legal limit of speed, and parks in the space for disabled.


She tries so hard not to wear furs ‘cause she's a conservationist right through.

She can't stand the killing of whales, ‘cause she really loves whales.

And at night you know she sleeps in a four post Victorian repro, it is art deco

And she is surrounded by Persian carpet one for every side.


CH: You've gotta have satin, ‘cause she sleeps at night in sheets of white satin

You've gotta spend your time at fancy auctions just to keep up with her.

You've gotta keep at all times 20 blank cheques and you don't need no life insurance

You've gotta have satin, before you say you're her man.


Her morning starts with pieces of toast and double doses of caffeine,

She tries to make sandwiches but her child is allergic to the margarine.

She spend the day running round pricing sound systems and very very sexy night gowns,

And she stops off for a sherry at her bar because she's feeling quite dry.




And when her kid started coughing and brought the German measles right inside

She made him drink boiled water ‘cause she's never trusted any vitamins.

She's a snappy little dresser, her potential stressor, she can't sleep that well

And she never breaks her rule, and pours a double scotch and lies by the pool.




And when it rains you'll never find her ‘cause she'll be in her plane,

Probably heading for L.A. or maybe even for Spain

And nothing is white anting her standing, for this woman is secure now

And when she's lying in those sheets, she's everywhere somehow.

The Ferryman

"The Ferryman" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 1995 (inspired by Sidartha, by Hesse)


Old age brings a tame releasing, of hidden wisdom and worldly strength

Man is found and man is full,

And the river flows within him, its' course through all.


A smile is shining on his tranquil face, he cannot lose but there's little to gain

His back is breaking and his hair is white

And the river flows right through him, it's breath gives him life.


"And why oh why", he sits and thinks all day

His past life complete, many foolish years.

And why oh why, does he sit here and pray

And the ferryman of wisdom never counts the days.


Souls may burn from bank to bank, still the ferryman stays tranquil, never turns his back

Passengers will not observe his wrinkled face

‘cause the river flows within him, and it's course through all.


"And why oh why", he sits and thinks all day

The jigsaw is complete and all my games are played

"And why oh why, have I learnt in time" -

And the ferryman of wisdom, is a man of soul.

Lucky Star

"Lucky Star" lyrics and music C. Mortimer 24.12.02


Underneath my luck star, I lie awake and I think of you

For the world outside is empty without you herer by my side

I hear the raindrops hit the leaves throughout the night


I dream I am a butterfly, I take a free ride on the wind each night

I feel beautiful yet brittle in the strangely cast disguise

Am I an angel sent from heaven or some fall guy?


I lie alone thinking of your smile, your body toned your skin is fair

For you are Alice in this wonderland of life inside my mind

I miss your love as I roll down this incline.


CH: Underneath my lucky star

I dream we're drifting close to Mars

For I have no ambitions now

But to hold your hand and stand upon

That stage in town

And tell the world I love you

For my heart will sing its' tender song

And music will echo sweetly

Through the town


The stardust drifts and I lie awake

And everything is where I left it yesterday

My hands are warm, my heart pounds from the dreams I had about you

A million miles from here somewhere lit by the moon




Underneath my lucky star

Someday I'll find you in some park

Sitting thinking of my world with you at the centre of it

Love come beneath my lucky star.

Imogen's Eyes

"Imogen's Eyes" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 26.4.02


I've been here for three years now at Scarborough Bay

Everybody stays here from the cradle to the grave.

A man of the sea started speaking to me:

"I'm Johnny McCarthy - and who would you be?"

He'd bee round the world and had three daughters

He said that things have gotten worse since '74:

"For the seas are getting empty but nobody cares,

And you keep getting told that you can fish nowhere".

He said he heard this morning that some kid had died,

Who was really going places but went out with the tide

And the only thoughts of heaven that come once in a while

Are when I think about her eyes, Imogen's eyes.


For she was a fine girl the daughter of a postman

A beautiful lady with blue ribbons in her hair

She said few words but she thought a lot,

She painted water colors and she wrote 12 songs

When she got a little tired I said: "don't give up your ship,

Bite into your cherry, find sweetness and no pip".

And she said darkest thoughts have been going through her mind,

And she thought it was strange and did not know why

And in time I watched her slowly get more tired

 For soon she'd be seeing new skies, Imogen's Eyes.


Well she looked up at me one day and said that: "I'm losing control"

Her words became confused and her expression went cold.

Her daddy read her Tolkien and Aesops Fables

And said prayers for his daughter every night at the table, his princess would never grow old.


I'd been in love with her for what seems a lifetime

For this kind of feeling comes once in your life.

But the irons in her fire were chilly and cold,

A silhouette of shade and a face without a glow

And she lay down and fell off to sleep -

Saw some new horizons, not the same old sheep.

Now I'm sitting here looking out at this bay,

And Johnny McCarthy has just made my day

Says: "You know where they're swimming by looking out at the tide"

And that his "Little Lady George" would be leaving at five

And to come and sail the seas and forget about life,

Look up at the stars and see the shape of her heart -

"You'll see it up in heaven one day, till then she will guard you and bring you back home safely, for the stars in the skies, are Imogen's eyes". 

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"Weakness" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 25.12.94


Weakness is innocence, weakness is loneliness

When the strength you need is down beneath your feet

Weakness is happiness, weakness is self possessed

No-one wants to hurt you or alarm you.


I said: "Grow stronger man, I sense danger in this land,

I may not be here to guide you through.

Look beyond this caring heart

Look beyond these hands of love

Look beyond the gates that hold and fence you in".


Weakness is emptiness, weakness is getting wet

Buy tour own tears, that weight as much as lead.

Weakness is childishness, weakness is self-possessed

When the darkness fades, you cannot come to light.


I saw your face tonight; it seemed worried and filled with fright

When I asked you what you want from this new year.

You said: "Whatever comes my way, because I'm living for each day

I only think ahead when sun shines on my face".


Weakness is holding back, weakness makes you unwell

Weakness is some kind of addiction.

Weakness is loneliness, weakness is self possessed

Weakness should end its' grip on me. 



"Skyscrapers" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 1.4.92


There's no room left to move anymore, ain't no pictures left to paint

And there's no space left upon this wall, ‘cause I'm told my sketches don't fit in


There ain't no Mohawks, or perms or streaks

You wear your hair with short back and sides

Even then they criticize you for your style, with no rationale at all.


CH: I'd rather build skyscrapers yeah, at least they'd be there to be seen

I'll be the architect, of my esoteric dreams.


And jettison every ancient thought I have,

And look ahead late into tomorrow.

Well should I create or just substantiate,

On the things that have been practiced before?


There ain't no Mohawks......CH.


My father died a pauper, and didn't even own his home,

He kept a little jar on of coins above the refrigerator,

Seemed to think they would pay for the phone.

He said: "Don't be shy my boy be wild",

And he said: "Don't give up my boy and don't you compromise your design".


He said to build, skyscrapers yeah, at least they'd be there to be seen,

I'd be the architect, of my esoteric dreams.


"Leaving" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 1994


Each time I see you baby, you're at a different door

Knowing loud and crazy, your hands get real sore

And innocent hearts get hurt but some will never know

That those who don't thin clearly can become out of control.


The days get colder now, they all seem short somehow

You sing just like an angel with the music failed to sound

You feel like a part of the crowd you feel so let down

You'd like to rise above it all nd the folks in this town.


‘Cause you leaving now for good you say:

"I;m daddy's girl no more"

You're leaving for the north or south, you'll find your way at dawn

When you're leaving there's no sadness

But smiles cannot be found

There's a rumour going round and round,

A young girl's leaving town.


Each time I see you baby, you're looking more mature

Your dreams surpass your age little girl you're 14 or so I'm told

You scream and scream like a move queen your daddy's still real sore

His mind when dead with stress and pain when you collided with the law.


CH. And you can't be found at daybreak

Alarm bells ring out loud

Your friends have turned a new leaf

As daddy falls to the ground in tears

Dreams Are Alive

"Dreams Are Alive" lyrics and music by C. Mortimer © 1993


Tonight, you'll swim into the ocean

And everything's real for you dreams are alive.

But you wake up quite dry, dreams are alive

Where my angel sleeps.


You're high, you're touching the heavens

You feel that you own what you see dreams are alive.

But you, you shift with a shiver

I wish you'd come back to where warm angels sleep.


Only you, journey to Greece

And sing with your eyes when your dreams are alive

I try to close my eyes, and turn off the world

And start counting sheep.


Between bull and fire, you're the one who'll remain close to me

Those eyes tell me they love me, they're filled with desire


Tonight, you'll return from the oceans

Come back from the heavens, sail home from Greece.

You're mind is restless, totally restless

Einstein's mind is simple,

Whenever you sleep, your dreams are alive (oh, tonight).

Breeze In a Cool Tree

"Breeze In a Cool Tree" lyrics and music C. Mortimer © 1995


I'm in a cool tree, watching children at play

I'm in a cool tree, sipping my lemonade.

I can see all around me, beyond the ground below,

I can see high above me, and the birds come and go.


I'm in a cool tree, I never felt so secure

I'm in the coolest tree, in my neighbourhood.

You lose track of time here, or you may fall asleep

And the branches will hug you, and there's always a breeze.


CH: A breeze in a cool tree, it's just the sweetest breeze

Sweeter than sugar, richer than cream.

I give a name to my cool tree, but I can't share it with you

If you knew my cool tree, you would discover it too -

Breeze In a cool tree.

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